Frequently Asked Questions


We provide you warranty for any BudsPodsPro™️ product, We provide lifetime warranty and unlimited claim.So, don't worry if you lost your pods, broke it or anything, we replace with the new one. Please buy the warranty and go to our return page put your email and order number. you don't need to send a picture proof. let us review within 24 hours, we will send you a notification about the warranty. you have to pay $39 for each claim. then, we send the new product to your home.

*you can do unlimited claim as long as you are willing to pay $39 for each claim

*buy the warranty when you need it

* you don't need to send the old product

*If you want to apply for warranty 

1. Go to Buy warranty page, and buy the warranty

2. after you buy the warranty go to return page

3. input your order number of product and your email address

4.  choose the product 

5.  please leave us a reason why you exchange the product 

6. input your order number of warranty and your address at additional notes 

7. just follow the instruction then submit

8. once the application submitted we will review and accept within 24 hours

9. once accepted you will get an email that our company got your return items

10. Wait for 2- 4 weeks the new product coming to you.if you don't get the product more than 4 weeks do not hesitate to contact us 

Once your exchange accepted, you will get your product 2 -4 weeks. but during the covid-19 it might take 45 days to receive the product

you can do unlimited claim as long as you willing to pay $39 for each exchange.  


You can't change your information once your order fulfilled, so make sure you put the right information. if you put the wrong information please contact our support within 24 hours  

Our System Detect Risky Orders or Fraud Payment 

Your payment pending for more than 3 days  

if you received wrong product or damaged product please, go
to return page and ask our customer service to review it. please send the picture proof that you receive the wrong product or damaged product. you have to apply the exchange within 7 days after you receive the product. 

Refund & Cancelation

We don't accept any cancelation or refund. The product that you buy is valid.   


We will process your orders for 1-8 business days. We will
send your order tracking number and shipping update to your Email, SMS,
Facebook Messenger. you can track your orders on our website. Due to COVID-19 it
takes approximately 2-4 Weeks to get your order. Do not hesitate to Contact us
if you don't get your product more than 4 weeks.

Once you get your tracking number, you can track your order in our official website 

We also keep updating your shipping to your email, SMS or Facebook messenger. You will get your tracking number 3- 8 business days.  

 if you don't get your product for more than 4 weeks. Please go to contact us page or
you can talk to our customer service via messenger & whatsapp. we will
review and investigate our shipping carriers about it and will keep updating
about your product shipment to your email, SMS, or Messenger.

Unfortunately, you can't cancel your order, we will keep updating about your product shipment and make sure our customer get their product as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service.  

We are not responsible for any customs or import charges.   

Lifetime warranty
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